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Solid Waste Management in India

There is no concrete figure to sum up the total waste produced by the Earth population every day. Increase in population, income and urbanization has resulted in overburdening the Earth with incomprehensible tonnes of wastes that are not only hazardous to health but has disturbed the ecological balance resulting in a series of destructive natural disasters.

Waste and recycling industries are on the run, round the clock 365 days a year and their dedication towards waste management has inspired JCB to produce one of the world's most befitting range of machines that are committed to improve the face of the earth.

The powerful JCB 3DX / 4DX / Skid Steer Loader / Excavators that come with a host of attachments, help facilitate hauling, dumping, shredding, clearing and transferring of waste conveniently saving time, energy and the Earth.

Attachments for Waste Management
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