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Public Notice

JCB India Limited, India’s largest manufacturer of Earthmoving and Construction equipment is a fully owned subsidiary of JC Bamford Excavators Limited (U.K). At JCB India Limited our people are our number one asset. We at JCB recognize human resource as and the backbone of our long-term success and have consciously and consistently focused on increasing the value-add per employee. A career opportunity at JCB India entails you to be a highly motivated individual looking to join a friendly, professional work environment.

We believe that:

Each Individual makes a difference in the working Environment
Employee development is not just about acquiring skills to solve specific problems, but also about addressing challenges and expanding perspectives.
Continuing personal development is as much an obligation of all employees as it is of supervisors, executives and managers.
Building human competencies and capabilities is critical to our continued growth and success.
Employees are intellectually and emotionally engaged.

Above all, JCB INDIA Limited work place represents:
Open environment
Opportunity to participate in planning, performance budgeting and its realization
Concern for the individual
Community feeling – culture of caring and sharing.
Culture of rewarding demonstrated performance – fostering achievement.
Constant learning and personal enrichment – culture of growth
High sense of responsibility and ownership
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