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NO DPF = Significant fuel savings, decreasing downtime, reducing whole life service costs, increasing packaging flexibility, better resistance to varying fuel qualities.
Engine Response = Further engine response improvements compared to current Tier 3 engines giving your operators and productivity planners more “bang for their buck”
Fuel Consumption = 5 – 10% improvement over Tier 3 engines
Low cost of ownership = Giving measurable value to your customers by decreasing down time and reducing servicing and fuel costs
Worldwide service and support network – Setting out to “delight” and exceed expectations of the customer in the most demanding environments around the globe.
Performance = 55kW / 74bHP - 129kW / 173 bHP with world beating torque levels at low engine speeds (375-750 Nm)

JCB - High Mobility (HM) Defence Machines

JCB high mobility defence machines are specifically developed with military input to meet emerging military operational challenges.

Each machine features full suspension, ABS braking, a top speed in excess of 55mph (88kph) and exceptional cross country mobility, meaning that they are all self-deployable, enabling the maintenance of operational tempo, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of troops required on the ground.

All are also designed for inter-operational mobility and can be transported in a C-130, whilst HMRTF will fit inside a standard ISO 20ft container.

Purpose designed and built for military use
Ability to maintain operational tempo allows rapid response
Self deployable, with full suspension and ABS braking enabling travel speeds of over 88kph
Can be transported in a C-130
Support can be delivered immediately to the deployed force
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