After Sales Support

To deliver our promise of world class customer support, JCB has continued to invest in a comprehensive global network of dealers who really deliver the support you need.

JCB dealers understand that this is a business about relationships, as well as machines. We aim for customer satisfaction every time, and understand that this means supporting the machine throughout its life.

JCB India along with our dealerships AIMS to ensure minimum downtime of your machines by -

  • 650+ Sale & Service Outlets
  • 4000+ Trained Service Engineers
  • 60 mobile vans

“Our Strategy is to deliver the best customer support in our industry- putting the customer at the very heart of our business”

  • JCB Genuine Parts supplied from 4 state-of- the-art Warehouses, 61 Dealerships & 650+ outlets spread across India and SAARC Countries.
  • The warehouses are strategically located at the four quadrants of India to cut down the transportation time. Proudly taking responsibility to deliver parts to all across the country from Leh to Kanyakumari & Kutch to Arunachal.
  • Capable of supplying complete range of products from Bolt to Boom & Fuse to Frame from a network of 4 Warehouses with 15000 sq m storage area.
  • More than 20,000 Parts lines are stocked safely & systematically in state-of-the-art racking system & are equipped with all modern tools like Bar coding, Pick to Light , Automated Packing line.
  • Ensuring parts availability above 90% day on day, week on week , month on month.
  • More than 50,000 part lines being dispatched every month.
  • Handling more than 2500 trucks movement every month.
  • 24x7 Parts helpdesk for Dealer’s Support.
  • Besides JCB India infrastructure , All JCB India Dealers also have their own Workshops, Parts counter & Warehouses to provide best in class service to our Customers.

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For latest updates on Warranty please call our Toll Free Number 1800-2000-522 or SMS "JCB" 56767

Latest Information

As our constant effort to support our customers JCB proudly announces One Year Unlimited hours warranty to its customers, without the 2000 hrs operation cieling.

However JCB will continue offering free services upto 2000 hrs same as the current free service structure.

The scheme is applicable for Backhoe Loaders with JCB Engine, retailed Jan 2011 onwards.

LABCHECK : JCB Lubricant Testing & Analysis Services

JCB Labcheck is a progressive used oil monitoring programme that analyses through wear metals and contaminants, the condition of lubricated components as well as of oil.

JCB Labcheck aims to determine oil condition & thereby that of the machine being lubricated by the oil by comparing the trend of wear rates of various system's components.


  • JCB Labcheck serves as predictive and maintenance tool for JCB's valued customers as it can predict the potential machine failure at an early stage so that preventive measures can be taken before catastrophic failure takes place


  • A predictive maintenance tool to improve the machine availability
  • Manages & optimizes oil drain intervals
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Highlights serious problems
  • Can assess to avoid descriptions & expensive failures
  • Improves return on Investment & ultimately leads to increase in profits


  • Oil samples run through two separate groups of tests
    • Physical & chemical conditions
    • Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrophotometer test to measure wear metals in sample

Guidelines for Sample collection

  • Draw sample at operating machine temperature
  • Draw sample from the same point using same procedure
  • For machines requiring frequent oil changes, draw sample at same time interval after changeover
  • Do not draw sample immediately after oil change or addition of top up fluid

Types of Test

  • Basic Kit : Physic-Chemical Tests
    • Viscosity, Total Acid Number (TAN), Total Base Number (TBN), Soot, Oxidation, Flash Point, Water Contamination, Insoluble
  • Advance Kit : Basic Kit + Wear Metal Analysis
    • Magnesium, Calcium, Titanium, Vanadium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, Silicon, Tin, Lead, Cadmium, Barium, Molybdenum, Boron, Sodium

Part no Description MRP (INR)
550/43824 Sample bottle Basic 1512.50
550/43825 Sample bottle Advance 2758.80

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