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LABCHECK : JCB Lubricant Testing & Analysis

LABCHECK : JCB Lubricant Testing & Analysis Services

JCB Labcheck is a progressive used oil monitoring programme that analyses through wear metals and contaminants, the condition of lubricated components as well as of oil. JCB Labcheck aims to determine oil condition & thereby that of the machine being lubricated by the oil by comparing the trend of wear rates of various system's components.


 JCB Labcheck serves as predictive and maintenance tool for JCB's valued customers as it can predict the potential machine failure at an early stage so that preventive measures can be taken before catastrophic failure takes place


 A predictive maintenance tool to improve the machine availability

 Manages & optimizes oil drain intervals

 Reduces repair costs

 Highlights serious problems

 Can assess to avoid descriptions & expensive failures

 Improves return on Investment & ultimately leads to increase in profits


 Oil samples run through two separate groups of tests. Physical & chemical conditions Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrophotometer test to measure wear metals in sample

Guidelines for Sample collection

 Draw sample at operating machine temperature

 Draw sample from the same point using same procedure

 For machines requiring frequent oil changes, draw sample at same time interval after changeover

 Do not draw sample immediately after oil change or addition of top up fluid